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Millbourne IT & Training Consultancy
Data Backup, Storage and Recovery

Backup, Data Recovery, Offsite Data Backup, Data Security, Data Access, Is your data safe?

These are the test questions you need to be able to ask yourself. Does your data:

  • Sits solely on one machine?
  • Sits solely on a single server?
  • Is backed up internally?
  • What will the consequences be if this data is lost due to a PC, Laptop, or Server crash, or theft, fire or flood?
  • What will the consequences be if this data is hacked?

If any of the questions make you uncomfortable then you have not thought about your Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy, are not implementing it or it hasn't been brought to your attention. We can help plan and execute a unique strategy tailored around your needs and requirements.

What Data Backup process is currently in place?

We provide comprehensive solutions towards on and off site backups. These solutions are based on the comprehensive Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies that will be put together for you based on site inspection and meetings that we are likely to have. The amount of data will also determine what solutions are offered.

What about the data on your old and unwanted hardware?

What do you do with hardware that you want to dispose of, have you thought of the licence agreements and data on the machines? Is your hardware disposed off in a legal and environmentally friendly manner? Is a certificate provided to say this has been the case? Did you know formatting alone does not remove data from your machine and that the format could be undone by a professional? We are affiliated with a reputable company that will dispose off your hardware in a legal and environmentally safe manner and we are able to destroy all hard disks on or off site depending on the quantity. A certificate of proof is provided.

Is Data security a concern?

We are able to advice and provide practical help on ascertaining you data remain secure. With rising electronic crime our priority is always to make sure that our customers do not become another statistic.

We will look at:

  • Who has access?
  • Why they have access?
  • What level of access is required to be able to do the work with it becoming a hurdle?
  • What security measures have been taken like Firewalls and forced password changes?
  • How strong or weak are your passwords and who has knowledge of them.

Did you know recently an Internet Security Company's personnel were able to determine 98% of the staff passwords and login at a large organisation by simply carrying out a small survey based on personal questions? The question one than asks are you or your company in the same position?